An Immortal Journey of a Half relationship

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“I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

I have had my philosophy of love that, when you love someone you are automatically committed to that one person for lifetime. I never ever believed in half relationship or you can say a relationship without any commitment,  until he comes into my life. He was like a sweet music in my not so sweet life. I was depressed and downhearted with my failed relationship, I could hardly see any hope in life and was going through a really bad phase of life.

I was working in a corporate sector and he was my senior posted in another city, we hardly spoke to each other ones or twice that too for some official work. But, here I would like to share a secret, I loved his voice from the very first time we talked. Yeah, so he called me again for some work, but, this time we had a long discussion and few more calls. After 2-3 calls we became quite friendly and love to talk to each other, our phone calls started increasing day by day, in fact we started spending our night also with each other , of course on phone. We were the best of friends.

We started as a acquaintance, turned to friends, but love !! No No No. As he was already committed to someone else, so there were no chances of me falling in love with him, not at all.


Well, I don’t know why ? But, I used to love talking to him, my day starts with his good morning wish and ends with his good night call. I could hardly spare a day without talking to him, I used to feel like mad if one day we couldn’t manage to talk to each other.  Even after all this, I was not sure whether it’s love or just a selfless friendship. I got a better career opportunity and I switch to another company and for my training I had to go to another city for a week. When he got to know that, I will be going some other city, he managed to get his official work scheduled in the same city during my visit. This was the first time I was about to meet him, God I was so excited.

We both were there for our official work, so decided to meet in evenings, he was there only for three days. Day one, when we were supposed to see each other was running too slowly, I wanted him in front of me ASAP, my god the wait was killing me and I am sure to him as well. Finally, the time has arrived and I was waiting for him in a restaurant, saw a young man talking on phone, stepping into the restaurant , because we were meeting for the first time , I recognized him from his voice. We exchanged greetings and went for the dinner. It was our very first meeting , which was too formal. He dropped me to the hotel and after that we were again on phone with each other.

Day 2 was the day which left its marks on my heart forever and ever, I could never forget that night, when he came to meet me in my hotel and we had dinner in my room. He was half drunk and continuously staring at me, I was nervous as couldn’t understand what to do, Was trying to talk to him but no, he did not wanted to talk, he was just staring at me without looking at anything else. The emotion, passion which I saw in his eyes made me fall for him, but, still I my mind says that he is not mine, he can be only friend to me. His eyes were saying something else and my heart was melting with the love I could see in those eyes. Yes, it was pure love, precious than the most expensive solitaire in the world. But before I could say something to him ,suddenly he woke up and  went back on his way. And, we were on phone again.

Day 3 was the last day of our meeting, I wanted to spend more and more time with him, I wanted to live each and every moment of my life in those 3 hrs. We met and went to lake side, on the way to lake side we were singing songs so loudly as if nobody can hear us. After spending few hours there we came back to our way as I have to catch my train and he also has to go back, we also had a small fight over his smoking habit. We decided that first we pick up his luggage from hotel then he will drop me to my hotel, so we went to his hotel room which was messed up badly. While packing his bag, he got a call, the girl he was marrying called him, that one moment pinched me so badly, that I couldn’t talk to him after that, as I realised how much I love him and I have to apart from him tonight. I was in such a vulnerable position, I wanted to express my love to him but I knew the answer too. He could read my face and easily make out what I was feeling at that moment, wanted to cry but couldn’t do so. He dropped me to my hotel and moved on to his destination. After getting back to my hotel room, I cried like never before.

My train got late and we were again on phone as he was already left to his life. I was cursing myself for this stupid feeling called love. There for the very first time, he expressed his feelings, I LOVE YOU , but, can’t be with you. I said yes, I understand. I wanted to say I don’t want to understand, you come to me right now, we will manage everything, but I knew he can never be mine, he can only be my #Halfboyfriend.

I said ya I know you love me and you also know my feelings, so saying this love you is just an information for us. Yes, those three days were the most precious days of my life. Friends turned to lovers turned to #Halfgirfriend/Boyfriend and parted there ways forever.

I wish this “Dost se zyaada aur boyfriend se kam” situation wouldn’t have taken place in my life and we were together for lifetime. But, this is life and today I cherish each and every moment of those 3 days, they give strength to move on, sometimes a small moment can change your whole life, so never stop yourself from doing what you want to, never stop yourself from falling in love, even if it is not yours , it could give you the best memory of your life. My Half relationship gave me the best ever time of my life.

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  1. It’s an ill bird that fouls its own nest.

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